tourism 4.0

As traveller for business or pleasure, every matter of logistics and processes behind, is not my pain, at most a choice.

The definition of being human is about to change a lot in the next century. Human beings' next evolutionary leap is going to take us beyond our biological existence and, if we want to notice it or now, a slow process of merging with artificial intelligence has already started.

Not, to fear, we want to embrace this global development with top experts and all those, who want to contribute and be an active player in it.


Digital tools for heritage tourism

Youngsters between 16 and 25 years old spend on average more than 34 hours per week online - which is double than a decade ago. As technologies evolve (augmented reality, artificial intelligence, ...) physical and digital worlds are merging. However, the use of technologies is not restricted only to young people - even the oldest generations are...

vision of the

We don’t want to follow the changes, we want to co-create them. Since more than 25 years Arctur’s Research and Innovation department has been serving as crossroad of creativity, failing and learning from mistakes, to live the interdisciplinary spirit by merging the most different worlds of science, art and business into one innovative energy. With this energy we want to transform the perception of tourism and business around it.


I envision a future, in which every second of my time counts. As traveler for business or pleasure, every matter of logistics and processes behind, is not my pain, at most a choice. Although my mood and needs change, so does the experience merging the digital, physical and human. The technology is silently guiding me from room booking, restaurant choice or advice for the best sunset view. The smile of the waiter serving me coffee with a latte art heart reminds me of the picture that a friend of mine posted some time ago. She must have been here. What a coincidence! Or maybe not … 

It is a kind of magic the merging of my being here NOW with my friends’ and other visitor experiences of this place which I have already learnt BEFORE at home, enriched by an AR (augmented reality) simulation of the historical battles and tragic love stories of this place of LONG TIME AGO or … no, I rather care about the FUTURE! I want to understand my inefficiency through simulation of our impact on nature; see the power of destruction of a possible flood coming. But it won’t come, because I am part of a growing green community acting for carbon imprint reduction by choosing green products and services and use the green coins for discounts in the local shops.

I know my data are collected, stored and processed, but I don’t fear. I know that public-private-people forms of partnerships are taking care of them with blockchain and all those new technologies I can’t even name. Not a problem, I don’t need to. I just know that carefully respecting privacy my, all data are shared as an open source to drive the innovation of entrepreneurial souls for the benefit of well-being and security of us all. In this way I co-create the new products and services, too.

what is
  tourism 4.0

Tourism 4.0 is a name for the current trend of big data processing collected from a vast amount of travellers, to create personalized traveling experience. It is based on variety of modern high-tech computer technologies. Term originates from new paradigm in industry, known as Industry 4.0.


Tourism 4.0 creates seamless journeys, it leverages 4. Industrial Revolution technologies, such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data analysis and cloud computing, to enable travel experiences be more efficient, safer, greener and less hassle while optimizing journey times, and minimizing costs for travelers.

Facing enormous change in tourism, travel and aviation industries, there is much more to consider than just advanced technology and different traveling experience. New tourism paradigm will affect every field around its self:

Our project embraces the urge to create an ecosystem in which physical and digital space, infrastructure, personnel and technology behind merge into one seamless experience of many different tourist services and products. To reach that, we need to develop new collaboration systems in which players from different disciplines co-create and innovate.

we are
looking for
ideas and inspiration!

Are you curious about this topic just the same as we are?
Join our community of tourism 4.0 creators!

We want to develop the Tourism 4.0 in collaboration with most various creative and innovative souls. Anyone, who wish to share her or his idea or solution is invited to share it with us. We are open to ideas and products at all stages of development. Please share your suggestion here. Let's create the future of tourism together!

inspiring participation
         and collaboration

All the time tourist business has been adapting to social and technological development. Today, as one of the world's largest economic sectors enabling mobility of persons for the purpose of holidays, leisure and recreation, business, health, education or other, supporting 292 million jobs and generating 10.2% of global GDP, tourism is increasingly recognized as a vital contributor to job and wealth creation, environmental protection, cultural preservation and poverty alleviation (UN World Tourist Organisation). But, to play this important role, it needs to adapt again.


As the future holds a great increase in tourism, it is vital to ensure that its growth is sustainable and hence does not affect social and natural environment negatively. At the same time each destination has to constantly innovate in order to compete with other destinations. We are developing the idea of a Tourism 4.0 platform and create an adaptive environment for a continuous innovation in tourism sector by inviting users to participate in the development of new tourist product and opening the data to public in order to enable consumer research and foster innovation by using state of the art technology. Moreover, our research proposal has long term objective as it aims to connect private and public sector as well as tourist in collaborative innovation process, which is the fastest way of creating a product that is in demand and user friendly. 

Objective of project Tourism 4.0, which is in line with the Industry 4.0 strategy, aims to transform the today tourist industry into a value-based economy through innovation, knowledge, technology and creativity.


Starting from Slovenia we are building a community of partners and aficionados of this topic and would be happy to welcome everyone who want to contribute.

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