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Kick-off meeting of the research project Tourism 4.0

The cornerstone of Tourism 4.0 is the research project with the same name. In the next three years consortium consisting of all three universities in Slovenia and the research team of Arctur ltd. will be researching the Tourism 4.0 paradigm and its possible implementations. All partners have met yesterday for the kick-off meeting of the research project, which aims to develop a new model of collaboration between local inhabitants, local authority, tourist, tourism service providers and government.

Kick-off meeting

The first time in the history of tourism in Slovenia the research and development aspect is at its strongest. At the end of June, we received the good news that Tourism 4.0 was chosen as the research project that will be co-funded by the government by 1,6M EUR (the research project is worth 2,3M EUR). Now, in September partners from Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica from the University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism from the University of Maribor and Faculty of Computer and Information Science from the University of Ljubljana and Arctur Ltd., the High Performace Computing Company from Nova Gorica that is leading the consortium, have met at the kick-off meeting. During the three years of research time the interdisciplinary research team and leading experts from the field of tourism and high technology will exchange knowledge, define basic concepts and conduct research, in order to develop appropriate ICT tools and ecosystem, which will enable a new way of collaboration between key stakeholders in tourism and through that new business models. Such a powerful partnership could enable Slovenia to take the lead in the development and implementation of Tourism 4.0

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