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What challenges can Tourism 4.0 solve in the Alpine space?

As the Tourism 4.0 Partnership is growing, we aim for fast deployment of our findings by which the impact of tourism can be managed in the tourist destinations over the borders of Slovenia. Therefore, we have decided to join forces with Faculty for Economics of University of Ljubljana to apply for the Interreg call for Alpine Space in order to share our knowledge and multiply the effect among regions, where tourism is one of the key economic sectors. The goal of the project Tourism 4.0 – The Alps is to foster innovation with the use of modern digital technology to stimulate smart economic growth, manage environmental impacts and strengthen social inclusion.

The guiding principle of Tourism 4.0 is the use and sharing of data in tourism ecosystem that in our opinion consists of local population, tourists, tourism providers and authority at all levels. All stakeholders in tourism produce and use data but the data collections are fragmented and underused. Hence, little useful and strategic knowledge is extracted from the tourism data, especially in the case of a small destination with a limited budget for tourism development. Furthermore, a few technological giants have been increasing control over the aggregated data in tourism an do not share the data collected from their users with the local environment.


We believe transnational data sharing practices can overcome these issues as large sets of data will reveal the trends and challenges in destinations. With this information of the current needs in tourism strategic innovation and appropriate policy framework for the tourism of the future will be possible. Moreover, policy guidelines can drive or improve the transnational data sharing practices into transnational collaboration models. These models in combination with technologies enabling innovation could unlock the potential of sustainable tourism development.  

We have already built a strong consortium with partners from different countries. If anyone would be interested to join, please contact us.


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